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Feature // (In development) // Duration: 90 min. //

Director: Jesper Dalgaard // DoP: Valdemar Cold Winge Leisner // Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen // Sound design: Mathias Dehn Middelhart //


Narrative short // (Original title: Lille Danser) // Duration: 30 min. //

Director: Nils Holst-Jensen // DoP: Nicolai Lok Hansen // Producer: Nanna Nyboe Tabor // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen // Music & sound design: Mathias Dehn Middelhart // Graduation film from The National Film School of Denmark



Feature // Duration: 102 min. //

Director: Per Fly // Producers: Malene Blenkov, Nikolaj Vibe Michelsen, Lars Knudsen & Daniel Bekerman // DoP: Brendan Stacey // Editors: Janus Billeskov Jansen, Morten Giese & Susan Shipton // Co-Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen

When young and idealistic Michael lands his dream job at the United Nations, he quickly finds himself at the centre of the Oil for Food programme. He learns the ropes from Pasha, a seasoned diplomat with a considerable ego. After a UN official is killed in Iraq, Pasha needs a fresh face to present a report on the success of Oil for Food to the UN Security Council. Michael is the perfect candidate. When Michael discovers that the programme is deeply corrupt, he also realises that he has been instrumental in supporting the bribes paid to Saddam Hussein. The only way out is to expose it all, risking his own life, his mentor’s career and the life of the woman he loves.


Follow Me Down
Follow Me Down
Follow Me Down

Narrative short // Duration: 30 min. //

Director: Tine Thomassen // Producers: Maria Møller Christophersen & Fredrik Dirks Gottlieb // DoP: Lis Dyre // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen // Composers:Peter Jørgensen & Johan Carøe // Graduation film from TISCH School of Arts



Narrative short // Duration: 52 min. //

Director: Nils Holst-Jensen // Producer: Nanna Van Tabor // DoP: Nicolai Lok Hansen // Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen // Sound design: Mathias Dehn Middelhart // produced at The National Film School of Denmark